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Meet our Facilitator 

Laura Menyuk holds a B.A. from the UMD, College Park where she studied French, child language development and social-anthropology. After graduation, Laura completed Avodah the Jewish Service Corps in D.C. where she taught literacy for 3 years before she moved outdoors and into the experiential education “classroom.” From her home-base in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, Laura partners with institutions nationwide to lead outdoor adventure, farm-based, and civic engagement experiences. She trains new educators in experiential education, program design, and facilitation skills, and is the former director of service-learning education at the American Jewish Society for Service: host to our nation’s first summer service-learning program for Jewish teens. Laura is an active volunteer and advocate for equal opportunity and justice in Baltimore. Through her life and current work as a freelance experiential educator, facilitator, trainer and program-designer, Laura looks forward to widening ideas about and building bridges between our physical-environmental, media-cultural, and digital-tech worlds.

During the spring 2018 Pioneer Baltimore program, ETC selected mentors from current companies and graduates to mentor the Pioneers. These mentors included:

Stay tuned for fall 2018.